How a Health Insurance Consultant Can Make Open Enrollment Easier

The end of the year can be a busy time, can’t it?

Every few weeks, there seems to be a new celebration to attend to, whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s. For many people, the end of the calendar year is also a time when work schedules amp up, making it a hectic time for all types of businesses. For households with children, there are fall sports games, dance recitals, art exhibitions, field trips, and more.

And then there’s the fun of it all! Who doesn’t want to spend a brisk fall day exploring an apple orchard, or a quaint new town? Who doesn’t daydream of escaping the chill and heading out to a tropical “bucket list” vacation destination?

Bottom line? November and December can be incredibly full.

On top of everything else that the fall and winter seasons bring, this is also the time to talk about your health insurance options.

Who wants to add dealing with healthcare insurance to their “to do” list?

Fortunately, here at the Enrollment Specialists, we love talking about all things healthcare insurance. It’s what we do. During the Healthcare Open Enrollment Period (OEP), an important “to do” checkmark is to enroll in a new health insurance plan, or to review or update the policy you already have.

The Open Enrollment Period for 2020 starts on November 1st, 2019 and ends on December 15, 2019, with coverage starting on January 1st, 2020. That’s a 45-day window to enroll, re-enroll, or change your healthcare plans for the year ahead.

Open Enrollment 2020 Calendar

While it may be tempting to keep Open Enrollment off of your end-of-year calendar, it’s an incredibly important time window. This is your only chance during the year to fully assess your healthcare insurance strategy, and plan out your coverage for next year.

Why is Open Enrollment so important?

For one thing, insurance companies update their plan options every Open Enrollment season, and it can be hard to know exactly what changes are in store until November 1st. You can use this important time to:

  • Enroll in a plan that saves you money or offers better coverage.
  • Understand changes to your healthcare network, and make sure that your favorite doctors will still be in-network next year
  • Take stock of your health. How have your, or your family’s, health needs changed over the course of the year? Will you be able to get the best possible coverage for your situation next year?

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the Open Enrollment Period—without adding to your end-of-year stress.

All you have to do is get in touch with an experienced health insurance consultant—like your friends at the Enrollment Specialists.

Ready to get started? Click here to get in touch. 

How can a health insurance broker make Open Enrollment easier?

As your personal health insurance consultant, Matt Peebles of the Enrollment Specialists can work with you at this important time of year, and provide you with a policy review to ensure that you have the best health insurance strategy for 2019.

Health Insurance Consultant Matt Peebles Explains Open Enrollment

A policy review is a simple conversation, which will allow you and Matt to walk through, together, any changes that may have occurred, such as:

  • plan options
  • networks
  • your needs and/or your family’s needs

When you work with Matt, your policy review will be a quick and painless three-step process:

  1. Matt will lead the review of your current plan, and will tell you if your current plan will be changing next year—and if so, how. At this point, you and Matt will also discuss any changes in your or your family’s medical needs or status that may have occurred over the past year.
  2. Equipped with all this information, Matt will help you explore other plan options, new policies, or additional benefits, as needed.
  3. Matt will review and highlight the value of different policy options, allowing you to decide for yourself which plan ultimately will work best for you.

Health Insurance Advisor Talks About Open Enrollment

It’s that easy! With Matt on your side, you’ll be able to quickly get a handle on your current policy, and make the important decisions about your healthcare future—all without having to find the time in your busy schedule to cram in extra research, or comparison shop between plans and networks.

Before your review meeting, all you have to do is jot down all questions you have, plan to have all decision makers in your household on the review call, and be prepared to make decisions.

Health Insurance Consultant Helps You Enroll for a New Plan

Ready to get started making the most of Open Enrollment?

Led by our founder and principal consultant Matt Peebles, the Enrollment Specialists are here to assist you through Open Enrollment with ease.

As one of the nation’s top healthcare insurance consultants, Matt truly takes care to understand the unique needs of each of his clients and gets specific in his thinking.

In helping you navigate your policy options, Matt will use every tool at his disposal. He’ll make sure your medical costs are minimized and your coverage is at its peak, while providing you with expert advice and guidance at every step of the way.

Even better? Your personalized customer service doesn’t end with Open Enrollment.

Instead, whenever you have questions or need assistance with your health insurance policy, Matt and the Enrollment Specialists team will be there and always ready to help. With the Enrollment Specialists, you’ll never have to spend your valuable time dealing with call centers or faceless online chat services. Matt will be your go-to guy, ready to step in and help when you need him.

And remember, it never costs you a cent to work with the Enrollment Specialists; Matt’s services will be free for you to use, for the entire life of your policy.

Want to make this year’s Open Enrollment Period as easy as can be? Book your policy review with Matt and the Enrollment Specialists now. Act quickly—appointment slots are filling up fast.

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