Don’t Rely on Luck When It Comes To Your Healthcare

Do you feel lucky?

As we speak, millions of people across the country and around the world are gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Rooted in stories about St. Patrick, a priest who reportedly banished all the snakes from Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday for people to come together, wear green, and celebrate the Emerald Isle—and that includes the famous “luck of the Irish.”

As St. Patrick’s Day draws near, you’ll hear plenty of people wish each other “good luck.” In fact, one of the biggest symbols of this festive day is the four-leaf clover, a world-famous sign of good fortune—and something you have just a 1 in 10,000 chance of finding in the wild, according to CNN.

The Power of Luck

“Luck” is everywhere this time of year. And, in fact, signs of good and bad luck are everywhere, all year round—at least depending on who you talk to.

Findings from one 2014 YouGov poll found that nearly 15 percent of Americans consider themselves superstitious. But don’t let that low number fool you: In the same survey, more than a third of respondents (35 percent) said that picking up a penny was good luck. Thirty percent also said that knocking on wood carries good luck, while 27 percent believed that winning the larger part of the wishbone is a lucky break.

Similarly, the poll also found that Americans aren’t totally above superstitions, with nearly 30 percent saying that breaking a mirror brings bad luck. People also associated bad luck with some pretty mundane events, like walking under ladders (24 percent) and “jinxing things by talking about it” (25 percent).

The point is, if you believe in luck, you’re not alone—especially during the St. Patrick’s Day season. But whether you’re the kind of person who scoffs at lucky signs, or you’re the one who’s always avoiding black cats and tossing salt over your shoulder, it’s important to remember that you can’t leave everything up to luck and chance—especially crucial things like your health and life insurance.

Protecting Your Future Takes More Than Good Luck

To get serious for just a second: Your health is important. Whether you’re the head of your household, an adult heading for a long-awaited retirement, or a business owner looking to provide for your team, staying healthy really matters, at every stage of life’s journey—and having the right coverage in place is one of the most crucial things you can do to protect your health, happiness, and financial well-being down the road.

When it comes to your health and wellness, you can’t just leave things up to chance.

Even if you’re healthy, a sudden illness or accident could seriously impact your life—not to mention take a toll on your finances.

More than any rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover, a health insurance plan is one of the most important protections you can have in place, for whatever life throws at you.

Whether it’s a solo plan, a group health plan for yourself and your business, or a Medicare Supplement plan to shield you into retirement, having a health insurance policy you can rely on is a great way to:

  • Stay healthy in the long-term
  • Save money by lowering healthcare expenses and receiving many services, including preventive care and check-ups, at little or no cost
  • Protect yourself from the costs of an unexpected accident or critical illness
  • Streamline the healthcare process
  • Get access to additional perks, including benefits like a personal health savings account
  • Put more focus on your goals—from growing your business, to saving for retirement, to finally taking that “bucket list” vacation

Let’s see a four-leaf clover do all that!

Now, for many people, the idea of getting started with health insurance can be daunting. It’s easy to see why. State exchanges can be frustrating, and it can be hard to navigate insurance company websites, trying to figure out the fine print and compare plans all on your own. And when it comes to dealing with faceless online chat rooms or customer service call centers? Forget it. Navigating these annoying hurdles are the times when you’re really going to need to have that lucky horseshoe on hand.

Fortunately, that’s where your true healthcare lucky charm comes in: Matt Peebles, founder and principal consultant with the Enrollment Specialists. With Matt on your side, you won’t have to leave things up to chance.

The Enrollment Specialists: Your Healthcare Insurance Lucky Charm

More than just lucky, Matt is one of the top health insurance consultants in the country, with thousands of satisfied clients all over the nation. As a top performing broker, he brings unparalleled expertise and insight to the table.

And more than that? Matt brings attention to detail, patience, and a great sense of humor, to each and every meeting with each and every person he helps. Unlike the big companies, Matt will actually take the time to sit down and get to know you, so he can determine what makes your situation unique. From there, Matt will help you customize the health insurance plan that will best suit your needs, making sure your costs are always minimized while your coverage is at its peak.

At every step of the way, he’ll be there, ready to answer your questions, offer expert guidance, and make things as smooth as possible—and all at absolutely no cost to you. You read that right: it never costs a cent to work with Matt for all of your healthcare insurance needs.

Once you’ve enrolled, Matt will still be here, ready to step in when you need help. For the entire life of your policy, this health insurance superhero will be your go-to, whenever you:

  • Have questions about your policy
  • Need some quick advice
  • Require new insurance cards
  • Want a go-between to work with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Are curious about changes in health insurance laws or requirements
  • Need an advocate on your side

Bottom line? Whenever you need help with healthcare, Matt is always just a quick phone call or email away. No more having to cross your fingers and hoping you get lucky with customer service; instead, you’ll have a guide you know and trust, always ready to step in and make things right. Having Matt on your side is like having luck in your pocket when it comes to all things health and life insurance.

Health and life insurance superhero logo

Don’t Leave Your Health Up to Chance

On St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, a little luck is a very good thing. But some things in life are just too big to leave up to chance. That’s where the Enrollment Specialists can help. We take the guesswork and red tape out of the health insurance equation.

We make choosing a health insurance plan simple, and we truly believe that there is a plan out there that is right for everyone. We’ll give you options and make things clear at every step, so you can do more than just hope for a lucky break.

Ready to save time and money on your health insurance coverage? Ready to get back to your St. Patrick’s celebrations with peace of mind? Drop us a line today to get the ball rolling.

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