10 Great Ways to Make the Most of Spring Weather

For many of us, spring is the most wonderful time of the year.

Even if you’re a Christmas lover and seriously enjoy the holidays, most of us can agree that after a while, the freezing cold weather can get monotonous. After months of scraping snow and ice off windshields, trudging through sludge and slosh, and shivering after just stepping one foot outside — it’s definitely easy to shrug off winter and bring in spring.  

Sometimes, though, that perfect spring season can seemingly come and go by in the blink of an eye. To savor the sweet spot that is spring, here are some ideas and tips we hope will not only easily fit into your lifestyle, but also enhance it.

Are you ready to make the most of the spring? Try these ten steps to a healthier, rejuvenating spring season:

1. Take Time for Your Health

For many of us, that beautiful spring weather can be the perfect boost it takes to get started refocusing on health and wellness. Whether you stuck to your fitness routine during the winter or relaxed on your health goals, spring is the perfect time to freshen up your workout and take good care of your body. If you’re like most people, too, you may have caught an annoying bug during those winter months. Take it upon yourself to heal well and spruce up your health with regular exercise, yoga, meditation, walking the dog — whatever your favorite activity may be.

2. Clean Out Your Space

It may be cliché, but spring cleaning is a regular routine for many people for a reason. As the air warms up and we get more excited to go outside and start anew, cleaning up the inside and decluttering your space can help you feel transformed. Go through all your unwanted clothing, shoes, office and cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items — you name it. You’ll thank yourself later when your load is lightened.

3. Do a Deep Clean

After you throw out the old, take another look around to see how to make things truly refreshed and renewed. Start the season off by giving the house a good, deep clean, so can let the positive feelings of spring weather inside, as well. Do a sweep of the house to assess your cleaning priorities and the areas most in need of attention. This is a great time to get down and dirty (so to speak), so work out that elbow grease and tend to those nooks and crannies you usually put off. Put on some rubber gloves and go for it! Clean between those blinds, scrub the stovetop, vacuum under furniture, dust all the fans — whatever it takes for you to get that amazingly fresh and airy feel.

4. Spend Time Outside

This may be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how often plans to go outside for some fresh air can get lost in the fray. With your busy life — running around between work and errands and chores — it’s easy to forget about making time for getting out of the house for pure enjoyment. Take your workout routine outside or make time for a nice long walk. Both your body and mind will be better for spending some time away from screens, and in the healing world of nature.

5. Pick Up a New Hobby

Start celebrating the warmer weather by really celebrating. Let yourself get creative and have fun with activities, maybe even some you’ve never tried before. Soak up the sun by riding a bike, hopping in a canoe, going rollerblading, or even by grabbing a blanket and some supplies for a lovely picnic in the park. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding fun new things to try during the spring months.

6. Hit the Farmers Market

With spring comes the image of a beautiful bounty of flowers and fresh produce. A great way to gift yourself with beautiful colors and flavors and support local businesses is to go to your neighborhood farmers market. These markets are a great way to get the freshest produce and handcrafted items, and they provide a great chance mingle with people in your community. Don’t forget to grab a bouquet of flowers to bring even more of that spring spirit back home with you.

7. Celebrate Patio Season — Before the Lines Get Long

Even with spring temperatures not quite heating up above the 50s or 60s, if you’re a patio bruncher, you know a thing or two about outdoor heating lamps. But you probably won’t be the only one around that’s excited to dine al fresco, too, so be sure to get to your favorite spots early to beat the crowds! Or, how about making this the year that you turn your backyard or patio into the outdoor oasis of your dreams? Grilling outdoors, gathering around a fire pit, nestling onto a picnic blanket — all of these are a great way to take in the beauty of spring, without spending a cent.

8. Take Care of Your Allergies

For some, not all things about spring are picture-perfect. With warmer temperatures and beautiful flora in bloom, spring can also bring some folks seasonal allergies. Pollen and mold spores carried on the wind can, unfortunately, prove agitating. To embrace the spring weather, allergy sufferers can take some precautions, such as keeping doors and windows closed, and purifying the air using allergy filters, which may help bring relief. For quick remedies, there are also plenty of all-natural allergy treatments that may help you make the most of spring, as well.

9. Get Social

If you’ve spent a lot of the winter cozied up at home by yourself or with your family, you’re probably not alone. It’s easy to stay warm inside, and hey — no shame. That winter hibernation, however, can often lead to less quality social time with friends, which can have a negative effect on your health over time. Celebrate the new energy of spring by reconnecting with pals for a long walk in the neighborhood, a bike ride on a nature trail, a picnic in the park, or whatever best suits you.

10. Bring Your Focus Back

Spring is all about new beginnings. Why not carry that same energy over into your personal life by sitting down to assess where you are and where you wish to be? After deep cleaning your home, allow yourself to put the focus on clearing out and letting go of what isn’t serving you in your life, too. You may have already had some ideas come to you as you cleaned. Assess all areas — career, finances, relationships, health — and write down what you’re looking to turn your attention to. Some people find clarity with this common mindfulness activity, which can help bring a newly inspired outlook you can carry forward to the rest of the year.

What’s Your Vision for Spring?

Whether you’re looking forward to spring cleaning or warm weather sports or refocusing on your life goals, we’d love to hear from you. What does your ideal spring look like? Be sure to let us know over on Facebook, where we love to keep the conversation going on all things health and wellness.

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