Are Medicare Supplements Worth It?

“Are Medicare Supplement Plans Worth It?”

Well, think about it like this . . .

Think about that “bucket list” vacation you’ve always imagined taking. Is it to sample the cuisine of Italy? To relax on a secluded beach in the Caribbean?

Or maybe picture your house — only now, it’s complete with the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. It’s a pretty amazing picture, right?

Now, imagine having to put off these major purchases, all due to the high cost of your medical care.

For millions of Boomers and older adults around the country, this is an all-too-common event. Medical expenses can get costly, particularly the major illnesses and catastrophic health events that tend to become more likely as we get older. Studies show that even a short visit to the hospital can result in huge out-of-pocket expenses.

And when this happens, many older people end up having to tap into their savings, turn to family members for help, or upend their lifestyle, all just to cover their routine and unexpected medical fees.

Medicare supplement plans — also called Medigap plans, or Medicare supplemental plans — can change that picture for the better, giving you back the chance to lead the life you’ve always wanted.

How Medicare Supplements Work

Medicare supplement insurance is private health insurance that’s designed to help pay for some of the out-of-pocket healthcare costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

There’s a reason these plans are often called Medigap! True to their name, these plans help you to fill in the gaps in your coverage, and can make up for the costs that original Medicare leaves behind.

As a result of this supplemental coverage, you could potentially save thousands of dollars every year in out-of-pocket medical expenses. If you face a catastrophic illness or major medical emergency, those savings could be even more significant.

And, depending on your plan, some supplements offer additional benefits. For instance, some plans will cover you even if you travel outside of the United States. It’s worth talking to a qualified insurance consultant to see which type of supplement plan will work best for you, taking into account factors like the amount of coverage you need, the amount you want to pay for a premium, and so on.

The Benefits of Medicare Supplements

When you save on your out-of-pocket medical expenses, it’s your money that you’re keeping. And that means that it’s yours to spend on the things that matter most to you.

With the savings from a Medicare supplement plan, you’ll be in a better position to:

  • Keep your lifestyle intact
  • Enjoy your retirement
  • Go out and achieve your life goals
  • Safeguard your finances
  • Protect your financial legacy for your family and loved ones

Have more time with your children and grandchildren? A chance to see the world? The ability to give back to your community? These are all things that a Medicare supplement can help you achieve!

Getting Started with Medicare Supplement Insurance

So, now, let’s ask again: “Are Medicare supplement plans worth it?”

As you can see, for many adults, the answer is going to be a resounding “yes.”

There’s a reason that medicare supplements have been called the “gold standard” in coverage! They can help defray medical costs, while helping to ensure that you can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

And what about your peace of mind? Compared to having only original Medicare, supplemental plans can help you rest easier, knowing that you’ve taken steps to take better care of yourself, and provide for your family, for years to come.

Are you nearing your Medigap open enrollment period? Are you looking to save money by finding a Medigap plan that will better fit your current situation? Whatever your Medicare supplement needs may be, the Enrollment Specialists can help!

Led by our own health and life insurance superhero Matt Peebles, the Enrollment Specialists have what it takes to help you find the Medicare supplement plan that is right for you.

From the start, Matt will work with you and truly get to know what makes you unique. From there, he’ll use every tool at his disposal to help you find the right plan, making sure that your costs are minimized while your coverage is at its peak.

And even better? With Matt on your side, you’ll always be able to say, “I Got A Guy!” for all things Medicare!

For the entire life of your policy, Matt and the Enrollment Specialists will be here to support you. Whenever you have a question or concern, just call, and Matt will swoop in to help. He’ll be your advocate, your go-to insurance expert, and your friend — no call centers or faceless online chat bots required (‘cause at the Enrollment Specialists, we don’t like them either).

Ready to talk Medicare supplement insurance with Matt and the Enrollment Specialists? Don’t hesitate to reach out to keep the conversation going! We’re ready to connect when you are.

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