How Medicare Supplement Insurance Keeps Your Family Secure

Baby Boomers, you’ve worked for years to build up your wealth and make a life for yourself and your family. Are you going to let medical costs derail your journey now—right when you should get to enjoy the fruit of all your savings and hard work?

No one wants to see their family’s hard-earned financial independence slip away, yet it happens more often than you might think.

Older adults are more active and plugged in than ever before, but there is always the risk of a major accident or illness taking a toll on your health. Routine and unexpected healthcare costs can each drive up your medical bills over time—and your Medicare policy on its own might not be enough to keep up.

That’s where Medicare supplement plans—also called Medigap plans—come in.

Why Medicare Supplement Insurance?

As their name suggests, Medigap plans help fill in the gaps in coverage left by your original Medicare policy.

These are private insurance plans, designed to help cover some of the healthcare costs that original Medicare plans might miss.

You see, there are plenty of healthcare expenses that original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Even with your original Medicare plan in place, you may still be on the hook for paying thousands of dollars every year in out-of-pocket medical costs.

To go back to what we were saying earlier, these rising medical costs can take a serious toll on your finances over time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rest easier, knowing that your financial wellbeing is better protected?

Medicare supplement plans don’t just help you take control of your healthcare choices—they may also safeguard your hard-earned money. And this could make all the difference for yourself and your family over time.

Provide for Your Family with Medicare Supplement Insurance

A Medicare supplement plan can help give you greater peace of mind about your personal healthcare costs, and your family’s overall financial future.

That’s one of the reasons why these plans are used by millions of seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries—and why they’re considered the “Gold Standard” of coverage by so many doctors, hospitals, and Medicare recipients!

The additional protection provided by a Medicare supplement plan may allow you to:

Protect Your Savings

Minimizing your potential out-of-pocket expenses could allow could allow you to save more over time. In turn, you’ll be in a better position to spend your money as you see fit.

For many people, this may mean taking up a new hobby or finally going on a dream vacation. For many others, more cash in the bank means more money to spend on family members and friends.

Car payments, mortgage payments, tuition expenses, or paying down debt… With Medigap coverage, you’ll have greater opportunities to use your savings as you wish!

Secure Your Financial Legacy

Many Baby Boomers are used to being the breadwinners for their families. When you’re so used to making sacrifices and providing for others, you may worry about what might happen to your loved ones when you’re no longer around.

Medicare supplement insurance is one way to safeguard your financial legacy. With improved coverage, there’s less of a chance that you’re going to need to tap deeper into your finances to deal with rising medical costs. This means more to leave behind for family, friends, or charity when the time comes. You may also be able to significantly pay off your debts, meaning fewer creditors for your family to deal with down the line.

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

Finally, the freedom, security, and coverage offered by a Medicare supplement plan may give you the chance to finally go out and pursue your life goals, with your family by your side.

From tackling a major home improvement project to traveling the world, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish in retirement. Less stress and more free time to spend with the people who matter most to you—what could be better than that?

Ready to Fill In the Gaps, and Protect Your Family?

Led by our owner and principal consultant, Matt Peebles, the Enrollment Specialists are here to help you find the perfect Medicare supplement plan!

When you work with the Enrollment Specialists, Matt will sit down with you and truly get to know what makes you unique. From there, he’ll help you customize the insurance policy that will best suit your needs. He’ll work to make sure that your costs are always minimized. while your coverage is at its peak.

Our team doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter care, and we truly think there is a plan for everyone. Matt will use every tool at his disposal to make sure that you’re satisfied with your policy at every step of the way.

And unlike other insurance brokers out there, Matt won’t disappear after he’s helped you find your perfect plan. Instead, he’ll be your main point of contact whenever you have any questions or concerns about your coverage, for the entire life of your policy.

Working with a health and life insurance superhero like Matt, you’ll never have to deal with the hassles of call centers, online chat rooms, or canned messages. When you work with the Enrollment Specialists, you’ll always be able to get hold of a real person and receive stellar customer service, right when you need us most.

So, with Matt and the Enrollment Specialists on your side, you will always be able to confidently say, “I Got A Guy!” for all things health and life insurance!

Eager to talk Medicare supplement insurance with the Matt and the rest of the team? Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns today!

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