When Did 70 Get to Be So Young?

When did 70 get to be so young?

Every single day, roughly 10,000 people turn 65 years old. Millions more turn 70 every year. And yet, these older Americans aren’t taking a backseat to younger generations. Even after reaching retirement age, this amazing is group is still active, and still leaving a huge mark on the world.

Could it be that 70 is the new 40? For the Baby Boomer generation, that seems to be the case. They’re definitely not letting up! In fact, today, Americans aged 65 and older are:

Plugged in

Cutting-edge technology isn’t just for millennials!

Among people over the age of 65, 76% use the internet, and 55% get online daily. 80% of those internet users even surf the web on their smartphones, and nearly a third own at least one tablet or e-reader.

As for social media, more than a third (34%) of Americans aged 65 or older use at least one social networking site, with the most popular being Facebook and Instagram.

Physically active

If your image of a senior is someone lounging in a La-Z-Boy all day, think again! Older adults today are up for fun and focused on fitness.

In fact, according to a report from the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS), older adults’ favorite activities are “resoundingly active.”

In a survey of different groups of adults aged 65 or older, top leisure activities included:

  • Walking/jogging (14%)
  • Working outdoors (13%)
  • Playing sports (8.9%)
  • Other physical activities (8.7%)

Frequent travelers

Older Americans and retirees aren’t just active at home. They’re on the go, and taking trips to amazing destinations across the country and around the world!

In 2017, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) estimated that 99% of Baby Boomers would take “at least one” leisure trip that year, with “an average of five or more trips expected throughout the year.”

More than half (51%) planned to travel domestically, but a sizable group (43%), also planned to take the world by storm and travel internationally as well.

According to AARP, most Boomers “are looking for a laid-back and relaxing trip to give them the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.” Their favorite destinations feature plenty of sun and sand—Florida, California, Mexico, and the Caribbean all top the list.

So what does this tell us?

Here at the Enrollment Specialists, our focus is on finding the perfect health insurance plan for everyone. And we believe that older Americans deserve coverage as active, flexible, and modern as their lifestyle!

That’s where Medicare supplement insurance comes in. This private, supplemental insurance is designed to help pay for some of the health care costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover, like co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Medicare supplements are considered the “Gold Standard” of coverage by most doctors, hospitals, and Medicare recipients.

Even with an original Medicare policy in place, you can easily spend thousands of dollars each year for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Supplement insurance can help “fill in the gaps,” and defray these predictable, and unexpected, costs.

More importantly, having this option in place may help you to:

  • Keep your lifestyle intact
  • Avoid being a financial burden to your family
  • Protect the legacy you’ve built from rising medical costs
  • Go out and enjoy your post-retirement life goals

Curious about medicare supplement insurance?

The Enrollment Specialists are here to help!

Led by our owner and principal consultant, Matt Peebles, the Enrollment Specialists can help you find the perfect plan to suit your lifestyle.

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Matt will use every tool at his disposal to make sure that you’re satisfied with your policy, so that you can rest easy, knowing that your dreams for the future will always be protected. There’s a reason that Matt is recognized in the top 1% nationally of all health insurance producers, with hundreds of happy clients around the country!

Unlike other insurance brokers out there, Matt won’t disappear after he’s helped you find your perfect insurance plan. Instead, he’ll be your go-to guy, serving as your advocate and main point of contact whenever you have any questions or concerns about coverage, for the entire life of your policy.

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