Replenish, Recharge, and Repeat: Daily Practices to Get You “Flow”ing

When an athlete racks up a record-breaking number of points in a game, or an actor takes to the stage and delivers a star-making performance, despite having the flu—they’re likely in a state known as flow.

You’ve probably felt flow a few times in your life yourself!

It’s a period where time distorts, distractions fall away, and you’re able to achieve at a level that, maybe, you didn’t even think was possible. That’s flow, and it’s a state that some psychologists have called “the secret to happiness.”

You can cultivate the right conditions for flow in your everyday life! Experts, such as Jess Lively, call this method intention, or flow with intention. According to experts like Lively, flow is achieved through the process of setting yourself up for peace and focus by rebuilding your approach to your possessions, your career, your relationships, and your personal habits.

One way to begin flow with intention is to practice mindfulness in your daily life. As UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine defines it, mindfulness may be thought of as:

“a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment . . . When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we’re sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.”

Studies have shown that cultivating and practicing mindfulness helps to:

One way to begin practicing mindfulness and living with greater intention might be to think of “flow” as synonymous with “replenishment.”

You might think of replenishment as the little acts of self-care and fulfillment that eliminate distractions, allowing you to act with intention and step into that flow more readily.

Or, if it helps, consider this image. Think of a battery. The more charge a battery has, the better it performs. But as the “juice” wears down, the battery becomes less effective—like when you need to start leaving your iPhone plugged in all the time, or smacking the TV remote just to get it to change the channel.

What if you thought of your body like a battery? The more “charge” you have, the better you’ll feel, and the better you’ll perform. Replenishment, then, might be thought of as all of the little ways that you can “top off” your personal battery, by focusing on yourself and your environment.

Learning how to best replenish yourself and your surroundings will take mindfulness. By cultivating mindfulness, and compassionately addressing your needs as they come up, you may be able to overcome distractions and act with greater intention.

As an example, one big way that you might want to practice replenishment is to think about your body’s hydration.

Do you ever feel drained, tired, or apathetic during the day? Does your mouth feel dry? Do you have trouble concentrating? All of these physical and mental distractions can hold you back from reaching that great state of flow! And, in many ways, they can be treated by simply focusing on staying hydrated. Experts recommend drinking one ounce of water for each half a pound of your body weight, per day.

Though it may seem small, drinking water is one way to practice replenishment. You’re filling up your body—and your “battery”—with the stuff it needs. Once you fulfill this need, you’ll be able to be able to perform better, in many ways.

Here are some other areas where you might think about adopting replenishment:

  • Getting enough rest
  • Taking time for dinner
  • Restocking your pantry or fridge
  • Taking care of your car
  • Fully charging your electronics
  • Handling minor stressors

It can take a lot of dedicated time, and training, to practice mindfulness, live with intention, and open yourself up to entering a state of flow. Focusing on replenishment may be an excellent starting point.

And now, the Enrollment Specialists would like to know: How do you practice replenishment in your everyday life? We’d love to hear from you in the comments or over on Facebook!

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