Why Use a Health Insurance Broker?

Have you ever been sitting in your local coffee shop and overhead a conversation a little like this one?

“Yeah. I’m relieved it wasn’t too serious. I don’t know what my family would have done without a good health insurance plan. I’m so glad that it’s all taken care of and we’ve got a great policy.”

“Wow. That’s great… You know, it makes me think I should get a better, more solid health insurance plan.”

Most of us want to be as happy and confident about our coverage as that first person… But plenty of us end up sounding a little like the second person. Admit it. We’ve all been there.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Getting started setting up a health or life insurance policy can be daunting. But when you bring on a broker, like Enrollment Specialists, you’ve got a guide in your corner, ready to help you navigate the most intimidating parts of the process.

So why is bringing on Enrollment Specialists as your health insurance broker the right move? Here are three big reasons:

The Enrollment Process Can Be Complicated

Not all health insurance plans are exactly the same. There are countless options out there. In fact, there are so many types of plans and coverage options available that it can quickly become fairly overwhelming to go it alone.

Whether you’re looking to purchase health insurance as an individual, take care of your family, or create a health policy for your business, Enrollment Specialists knows exactly what it will take to devise the perfect solution for your needs.

We know that the health insurance seas can sometimes be choppy, so so let our consultants, like a lighthouse, guide you safely to shore. Curious about group plans? Want to add an accident and critical illness rider to your policy, or find the right dental plan for your family? Looking to reevaluate your current policy? We’ve seen it all, and your personal Enrollment Specialists consultant Matt Peebles is here to help! Matt has helped design the perfect health insurance plan for thousands of clients,  working with all the major carriers, including Aetna, Blue Cross, and United.

Matt and the rest of the Enrollment Specialists team won’t just cover all of your bases for you; we’ll also help you understand the cost and value of your plan at every step of the way. We’ll get specific in our thinking, understanding your unique needs so that your plan is the perfect fit. And we’ll use every tool at our disposal to make sure your medical costs are minimized and your coverage is at its peak.

The Insurance Industry Is Ever-Changing

It seems like healthcare is always in the news these days, doesn’t it? All of this coverage reflects a major truth: Even in the best of times, the insurance industry is always in a state of flux.

If you’ve had your current health insurance policy for more than a year, it’s high time that you speak to our specialists to reevaluate your options. There may be new or altered plans out there that will be a better fit for you.

What’s more, we factor in your unique circumstances when it comes time to design and customize the right plan. We don’t believe in cookie cutter care.

So if you’ve undergone a major life change – such as marital status, pregnancy, career change, personal or family health needs – it’s time to schedule an appointment with your Enrollment Specialists consultant. We’ll help you reevaluate your policy or find a new one, outlining the process every step of the way to highlight the value of your plan.

We’ll Be With You for the Life of Your Plan

The truth is that any agent or broker can sign you up for a policy. But at Enrollment Specialists, we do more than that.

With Enrollment Specialists, you’ll always be able to say “I’ve Got a Guy.” We won’t disappear after you’ve signed on the dotted line. Instead, our consultant Matt Peebles will be your point of contact for the entire lifetime of your health or life insurance plan.

Matt will be here and always ready to help provide you with quick, results-orientated solutions at every step of the way, whenever you:

  • Have questions about your policy
  • Need some quick advice
  • Require new insurance cards
  • Want a go-between to work with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Are curious about changes in health insurance laws or requirements
  • Need an advocate on your side

Matt won’t just be your broker; he’ll be your own personal healthcare consultant, always ready to work with you and never more than a phone call away.

There’s a reason that thousands of satisfied clients have turned to Enrollment Specialists over the years! We make choosing a health insurance plan simple, and we truly believe that there is a plan out there that is right for everyone.

Ready to save time and money? Ready to get back to your life with peace of mind about your health and life insurance? Drop Enrollment Specialists a line today to get the ball rolling!

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