Check Out Our New Ad on YouTube

“I’ve been an adviser since long before anyone paid me to be one… I just like helping people.”

That’s what Enrollment Specialists broker Matt Peebles had to say in our recent YouTube ad. Check it out!

Does that ad seem a little familiar? It should!

You see, who knew that, on top of being your dependable broker for all things insurance, our guy Matt was a dead ringer for an A-list celebrity… One who even shares the same first name!

We’re talking about True Detective alum, surfer dude, and Lincoln Lawyer Matthew McConaughey, of course.

Given a chance, we couldn’t help but poke a little bit of fun at the Oscar-winning actor’s wild Lincoln car commercials, which you may have seen once or twice (or a few hundred times) on TV. Check out one of the original ads below, if you want to see how ours stacks up:

Pretty great, right? Of course, we think our guy’s a little more handsome – and a lot better at finding the customized health insurance plans that will work best for your family or business!

Whether you’re looking for answers about group health plans, Medicare Supplement plans, or life, dental, and accident insurance, Matt Peebles and the Enrollment Specialists team is here and always ready to help.

Remember, with Enrollment Specialists on your side, you can always say “I’ve got a guy” – one who will be there to guide you through the ins and outs of your trickiest or most pressing policy questions.

Feel free to share our loving spoof with your friends, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Enrollment Specialists to see what Matt Peebles and the rest of the team can do for you!

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